tarsara hanuman dada darshan

Diwali Vacation 2015 at Saurashtra.

This Diwali vacation was very special for me. It was brings lots of first time experience in my life. This tour of vacation is more like a spiritual journey for me. The very first day begins with the rain for me. However it is not the season of rain, I am very luckiest person to become witness of rain in my village. I might have seen rain in my childhood at my village as I was grown up their only till the age of 5 year. It’s grace of god that in winter, they help me to re-call my childhood. (more…)

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death life real definition

Born and Death Happens at Every Moments of Our Life.

As we all knows “human is a social animal”. We as a human being wants to live in a group for the love, affection and the security motives. From the childhood we have meet the numbers of people some are very close and some are those to whom we don’t want to meet again. Our Mother, Father, Brother or Sister & Husband or Wife this are the closest relatives in our life, No one is permanently with us. One day will come when the soul of our relatives will left his/her body and that is for sure. (more…)

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Simple but Effective Tips to Crack The First Job Interview.

We have observed from childhood that our aspiration and desire frequently gets changes on different age. Like in childhood we want gain admission in the best school of the society. At age of maturity its gets changed, now we want to get admission in best collage of our nation, state or city. Once collage is about to gets complete, we want job in reputed companies with tagline like Multi-nation, Leading in country and so on.. than we looking for best life partner, shelter, family, society and lastly it’s gets end with the peaceful death. (more…)

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First Job Interview

My First Placement Through S.R. Luthra Institute of Management.

Anything which happens first time in our life, we remember it for life time. For example our first crush, first teacher, first girl friend, first friend, first job, first business and so on. This is memory treasure that we never want to forget. Here I would like to share one of the first time experiences about my first job interview in S.R.Luthra Institute of Management. (more…)

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